Where Does Our Inspiration Come From?

Posted by Carolyn Marshall on

 My studio and office are in my home. When Finn was alive, he spent most of every day with me - following me as I moved from my office to my studio at the end of the work day. The flooring in our house is mostly ceramic tile (which presents its own challenges for a 3-legged dog!) Rather than drag Finn's huge memory-foam bed from room-to-room, I made him padded mats so he could be comfortable in any room of the house - without waiting for me to move his bed around. Every mat in our house, including the bathmat, was padded for Finn's comfort. 

Lucy also had her own padded mat which occupied a prime spot on a bench in front of the window, where she could chatter at the birds and give warning to any cats who got too close to her turf.

And so the idea for padded, easily foldable, washable and portable pet mats was born. 

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