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Bonnie, Clyde, and Billie Jean Melanson

Bonnie, Clyde and Billie Jean Melanson

I've known these three pups since they were babies. Bonnie is my goddog (that makes me her Fairy Dogmother) and Billie Jean is my dog niece - she and Finnegan were littermates. I see so much of him in her. And Clyde. Well, what can I say about Clyde? He's, quite frankly, irresistible. I chose their collars to match their personalities.



The face of an angel, the heart of a lion and mensa-worthy intelligence - that's our Bonnie. She's super-smart, courageous, and brilliant.  She's known for: "managing the household", telling on her brother, and just generally keeping everyone in line. Her favourite TV show is Nature (on PBS). Her collar represents her lion-hearted and loving nature. 



If there's fun to be had, Clyde's all-in. If there's mischief to be had, Clyde's all-in. If there's food to be had, Clyde's all-in. And if there's a nap to be had, Clyde's all-in. The most relaxed and laid-back dude on the planet. That's our Clyde. But don't invite him to hang out in your gazebo :-) Because we didn't have a lampshade for his head, we went with something fun for Clyde - "The Cldyer-man".


Billie Jean

If there's love to be given out, Billie Jean is first in line (even if she has to butt in). She's the world's best hugger and her main goal in life is to get people to adore her. Mission accomplished, Billie. Mission accomplished. Billie simply loves to love and to be loved. Her collar says it all.



Mr. Phinn

Like Mr. T, Madonna, and Prince, Mr. Phinn needs no introduction. He's a media star in his own right (you can follow him on Instagram here) and a man-about-town. His mom, talented photographer Jennifer Lea, is known to bring him places like the beach, local trails, the boardwalk...pretty much anywhere her camera goes. Mr. Phinn is known for his "bedroom eyes" and his loyalty (he's a one-woman dog, ladies - sorry). Because he's a star, we gave him a collar with some bling. You're rockin' it, Phinn!



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